Provence: Where Rosé Wine Calls Home

Provence: Where Rosé Wine Calls Home

provence_01Stretched out along the Mediterranean coast in sunny southern France, Provence is the world’s largest wine region specializing in dry rosé. Crisp and aromatic, rosé wine fits the food and alfresco lifestyle of the Provence region like no other drink.

The Provence rosé story has a rich history. The Greeks brought grape vines to Marseille 2,600 years ago, when all wines were on the pale side. Perfecting pink wine has become an obsession in Provence ever since. Today, through a marriage of modern methods and time-honored winemaking techniques, Provence has cemented its reputation as the gold standard for rosé.

Already a leader in France, Provence rosés are on the rise worldwide, with the United States setting the pace. Provence rosé exports to the U.S. grew at double-digit rates each of the past 10 years, including a 40% jump in 2013.

Provence rosés are made from red grape varieties such as grenache, cinsault, syrah, mourvèdre, and tibouren. Most winemakers in Provence use the direct press method, gently pressing the grapes to capture the juices and ensure lightly tinted, aromatic rosés. Terroir and grape varieties influence the character of the final cuvée. But Provence consistently produces a versatile, vibrant rosé with the structure of a white wine and the fruitiness of a red wine.

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