Regional Spotlight: Provence, France

Regional Spotlight: Provence, France

several_rhone_and_provence_roses_300x225Even though the deep thaw still rages on in the Northeast and the Midwest, spring is near- as evidenced (if nothing else) by this weekend’s optimistic “spring forward” time change.

In the spirit of looking forward, today’s Daily Sip spotlights one of the most thirst-quenching, quaffable styles of wine: dry rosés.

Defined as having less than .4% sugar (four grams of sugar per liter), according to the trade group the Wines of Provence, “dry rosé” is the “biggest trend” in rosé these days. (By the way, Provence is the leading rosé producer in the world, making 7.7% of global production). In fact, rosé has come such a long way that, today, the French drink more of it than white wine.

Most important, its pale pink hue and vibrant acidity make it beautiful to look at and great for pairing with a wide variety of foods- from sushi, to fish, to tapas, and grilled meats-- even apple tart!

So when 2 am comes around this Sunday and it’s time to lose an hour of sleep, remember, the good news is that rosé sipping season is that much closer.

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