Resolved to learn something new in 2015?

Resolved to learn something new in 2015?

le_nez_du_vinThere are several ways a person might react to the following sentence, “This wine imparts aromas of plum, blackberry, tobacco, cocoa, spice box, chalk, mushroom and damp forest floor.” Some might scoff and say, “Um, I only smell damp forest in the forest…wine smells like wine.” Others might remark that the power of suggestion is in fact a powerful influence in wine tasting, so “after reading the tasting note, I was able to pick up some of the scents.”

Unfortunately, we don’t always have a wine-expert friend with a super-sonic sniffer around to tell us what aromas they’re picking up or explain what a “wet stone” smells like. The ability to isolate various wine tasting scents is best learned first hand anyway.

Le Nez Du Vin (the nose of wine) is a cool wine education kit that helps train your schnoz. Experience common (and uncommon) aromas including berry and citrus fruits, spices, herbs, minerals, nuts, butter, grass, barnyard and leather. While some of the smells are certainly more spot-on than others, this is an elegantly packaged kit that makes for a lot of fun and chatter.

Whether you're interested in learning the scents of oak casks, reds or whites, Le Nez Du Vin will bring your sniffer up to speed. Have a friend who thinks they know everything about wine? Break it out!

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