Saint Mont: Big Bold Reds

Saint Mont: Big Bold Reds

picture_saint_montWhat does the wine region Saint Mont of Southwest France have in common with the South American country of Uruguay? They both love the tannat grape and the bold and flavorful wines made from it.

Although tannat has a rich history, it is just now being rediscovered by wine drinkers. Especially in the United States where consumers are always on the lookout for what’s new, delicious and affordable.

Tannat is the primary wine grape in the historic Saint Mont region, which received its official AOP status in 2011. It is named after a small village in the agricultural hill country north of the Pyrenees. Vineyards flourish among fields of grain, meadows with grazing cattle and vast expanses of forests.

Today, about half of Saint Mont’s nearly 3,000 acres of vines are used to make red wine. In addition to tannat, other grapes found in the region are pinenc, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. The remaining half is split between rosés (30 percent) and whites (20 percent) from regional grapes.

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