Sake For The Soul

Sake For The Soul

sellyourseoul_400x266_400One of the joys of eating sushi is pairing it with saké. The downside is the cost--even a small bottle of good saké can cost some serious yen. So why not make your own? All you need is some rice, a steamer and a couple more easily obtainable ingredients.

Making saké takes time--but not a lot of commitment. You can divide the process into a few easy steps and walk away for days--or weeks--at a time depending on how busy you are. Click on the video to learn how to get started.

The main ingredient you need for sake is Koji-Kin, a mold spore that converts the rice from starch to sugar. A small packet of Koji-Kin with saké-making instructions only costs $16.50 from Kagi/Vision Brewing in California; you'll be able to make several batches with one packet. You'll also need yeast (to convert the sugar to alcohol), which you can order online for a mere $6.

For those two things, plus rice, you'll spend less than you would on a single bottle of premium saké at the liquor store--and you'll get about four or five times as much saké on your first batch alone!

So what are you waiting for? If you have questions about the process, ask us below.

Photo Credit: SellyourSeoul

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