Soulful Aglianico can help you beat the winter blues

Soulful Aglianico can help you beat the winter blues

toa_boccavyd_400_400The winter season brings bright lights and holiday parties with friends and family, but it’s also the time of year that makes us seek the refuge of our kitchens to create soulful comfort foods during the colder, darker nights.

Located in Italy’s boot, Puglia is a land of sunshine and sea breezes and the perfect place to let our taste buds travel to (even if we can’t) during winter’s dreary months. In this unique wine producing region, Aglianico, a rich, dark-skinned grape, is turned into bold red wines that can warm up the winter chill in the kitchen.

toa_2010bocca_400_400Known as “the Barolo of the south,” Aglianico thrives on the hilly slopes and in the volcanic soils that make up the region. It can be austere when young, yet with its substantial tannins it creates full-bodied, complex wines with long aging potential. Aglianico pairs well with hearty dishes like roast leg of lamb, prime rib roast and pasta dishes (made with orecchiette, the traditional ear-shaped pasta from Puglia).

Keep reading for some our favorite aglianicos!

No matter what, the rich and complex Aglianico wines of Puglia will brighten up your winter season.

From the Bocca di Lupo Estate in the appellation of Castel del Monte, Tormaresca produces two wines made from Aglianico. The Bocca di Lupo (100% Aglianico) is elegant, yet structured, on the palate with aromas of dried fruit, herbs and balsamic. The 2010 vintage was exceptional in Puglia and not to be missed. The Trentangeli Rosso Castel del Monte DOC (70% Aglianico with the balance Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah) is a great introduction to the grape. The wine is rich and round on the palate with spiced berry and cherry fruit.

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