Southern Italy’s Puglia Region

Southern Italy’s Puglia Region

toa_seasidemaime_08242015_400Puglia (POOL-ya) is a land of blazing sunshine, cooling sea breezes, and volcanic soils in Southern Italy. It’s a land between two seas: the Adriatic and Ionian Sea. As such, Puglia possesses a rich winemaking history, dating back 3,000 years, and an equally distinct culinary history.

The Grapes of Puglia: Natives and New Arrivals
The world is taking note of Puglia’s wonderfully deep, savory reds, and a growing number of whites. The three most well-known Puglian red grapes are Negroamaro (an earthy, rustic variety used in robust reds and fragrant rosato), Primitivo (originally traced back to Croatia and a genetic twin to California’s Zinfandel), and Aglianico (a late-ripening grape with high tannins and acidity that is sometimes called “the Barolo of the South”). White wines include Fiano, an intensely aromatic indigenous white variety, and Chardonnay, grown in Puglia for 30+ years. Puglia also provides fertile ground for international varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

Tormaresca - Leading Puglia’s Wine Renaissance
Named for the ancient seaside towers of Puglia, Tormaresca was created in 1998 to introduce the world to the wines of Puglia. All of Tormaresca’s wines are crafted with 100% estate-grown fruit and bottled with a focus on showcasing local varieties and traditions.

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