Spring Forward with White Wines of France

Spring Forward with White Wines of France

loire_grapesA high-acid white wine is often the sommelier’s choice when it comes to food pairing. Take world-class riesling and gewurztraminer from Alsace or chenin blanc and sauvignon blanc from the Loire Valley as examples.

Riesling from Alsace is usually dry, aromatic and offers a taste of minerality, with the exception of their sweet and unctuous late-harvest rieslings (especially good with dessert or foie-gras). The fuller-bodied gewurztraminer is just as alluring, offering heady scents of rose flower water and lychee. A look at the local cuisine proves that both white wines work with ham, pungent gooey cheese and savory tarts. On a more global level, Alsatian wines are positively delish with spicy Asian fare.

Another Somm favorite is chenin blanc from the Loire Valley, which can be bone-dry, off-dry or sweet. A typical chenin blanc offers beguiling aromas of chamomile, beeswax and hay, and can be consumed young or with age, especially when hailing from the villages of Anjou, Vouvray or Montlouis. Finally, for grassy, mineral-laden sauvignon blanc fans, the Loire Valley is for you. This is where Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume (two prized sauvignon blanc wines) are from and they pair beautifully with chèvre (goat cheese). Grab a French white for spring-fare food pairing!


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