Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven

spiral_cellars_300x173In thinking of the home of our dreams, a new item has recently flown to the top of the list. Even above the Viking range, Sub-Zero wine fridge, Miele dishwasher or granite countertops. Who needs all that when you could have your very own stairway to heaven?

The latest and greatest design of plug-and-play wine cellars doesn’t get much cooler than a trap door in your kitchen that leads to a spiraling wine cellar holding 1900 bottles. Combining a slick, contemporary design with an ancient cellar feel, Spiral Cellars has taken home wine storage to the next level (or sub-level)

The cellar can be designed to stay secret, but the reinforced glass door that will both show off the cellar and allow you to see your treasure each time you walk through the kitchen is the way to go.

If nothing else, the Spiral Cellar is something to dream about. Check out the amazing design or watch how they are built in this video.

Photo by Spiral Cellars

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