Sun, Wine and Gadgets

Sun, Wine and Gadgets

566572_01Forget diving for a save during a beach volleyball game this summer. One of our favorite sports here at the Daily Sip is beach “wining”—sitting in the sun, with the sand at our feet, watching the waves crack against the shore. All while sipping some great summer wine.

To really maximize the experience, you have to have some great wine-drinking accoutrement. Here are some of our picks:

Spill No More
You’ll never waste another drop of your favorite vino if you can be sure it won’t tip and spill in the sand. Pack one of these cool trays to balance wine glasses, a bottle and snacks. It sells here for $28.

Chill and Decant
Since two-buck-chuck isn’t likely your scene, even at the beach, we suggest packing this Ice Jacket Instant Decanter to keep your good stuff up to snuff. Freeze the jacket, pour and keep the wine chilled for up to 3 hours. And it’s cool looking. Plus, nobody likes hot wine. A deal for $10.

Open With Ease
No sharp edges to burst your water wings; this sleek wine opener is beach-friendly and efficient. Works on dry land at home, too. It sells here for $25.

The Bag
Every beach bag needs, well, a fab bag. Sachi makes a ton of cool cooling products including these insulated one-bottle coolers that sell for $20 and come in some very cool patterns and colors.

Oh and duh, wine! A beach bag essential for sure. Here are some pink drinks to keep you cool:

CHATEAU OLLIEUX ROMANIS Corbieres Rosé 2013 (Languedoc-Roussillon, France) $13

BERLUCCHI ’61 Rosé NV (Franciacorta, Italy) $22

Also a beachy treat: vodka and pink lemonade. Van Gogh is out with an Açai-Blueberry flavored vodka, which at least sounds healthy.

What are you sipping at the beach this summer? Let us know below.

Photo Credit: Bon-Ton Stores.

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