Your Superstitious Friday the 13th Wines

Your Superstitious Friday the 13th Wines

Happy Friday the 13th!

There are a myriad of reasons why Friday the 13th is considered one of the unluckiest days of the year, but we don’t buy into any of them.

Actually, we think its super fun and another great reason to try some new wines.

And if you’re really feel like amping up the festivities, watch the Friday the 13th movies (all 12 of them!), which incidentally is the longest-running and most successful horror franchise in film history.

Now, if you’re going to watch them, consider drinking the Machete. Not only was it a choice weapon of Jason Voorhees, it was Wine Spectator's #6 wine in its 2016 Top 100 list. It’s almost black in your glass with aromas of ripe blueberries and toasted oak, with a fabulous long finish.

If the movies are too much, then just consider other silly things that make us superstitious.

To start, try Superstition wine from the Finger Lakes, NY. Made from the Concord grape. It’s jammy, sweet and perfect with chocolate.

Black cat cross your path? Try Black Cat Syrah, named after a feral cat who settled on the vineyard and became the proprietor’s partner in crime. The wine has earthy aromas and acidity so it will be great with food.

Think the zombies are coming? Then drink Zombie Zin Zinfandel. It too is very dark in color, almost a black-purple. You’ll get flavors of blackberries, cinnamon and cola, with a hint of black pepper. Make a big caldron of fleshy stew with this wine.

But you know better than to believe in that stuff. So try the Hocus Pocus Pinot Noir 2013. From Santa Barbara County, 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the cool climate gives this Pinot nice acidity and aromas.

And after a few glasses, try to say Paraskavedekatriaphobia, which is the fear of Friday the 13th.

See, now you’re having too much fun to be scared.

Tracy Byrnes, former FOX Business Network anchor and host of “Wine with Me” for, is editor-in-chief and chief contributor of The Sip. 

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