Support This Kickstarter to get the Title TV Producer

Support This Kickstarter to get the Title TV Producer

uncorked_dvd_case_01We at The Daily Sip® have covered a handful of wine-related Kickstarter projects over the past couple of years since the crowd-funding site commenced.

So we wouldn’t share a new one if we weren’t pretty excited about it. If you love both wine, wine T.V. and/or film (and who doesn’t?), checkout the newest wine project on Kickstarter, "Jason Elkin Uncorked!

Eclectic and amusing wine personality Jason Elkin plans to “uncork” the world of wine, food and adventure one region at a time via his new television program. A la Rick Steves, Jason expects to reveal much of the magic still to be found when traveling, all through the “lens” of wine.

With wines’ growing popularity and inherent complexities, Jason plans to “decant” the unique characteristics of every bottle he samples while on the road, highlighting the epicurean experiences at every stop (now think Anthony Bourdain).

To see a “sizzle reel” of the show, check out Jason Elkin: Uncorked!’s Kickstarter page here. Best of all, by supporting this unique wine-performing entrepreneur, you also get to call yourself a T.V. producer. Now that’s fun stuff.

Bottlenotes does not have financial interest in Jason Elkin Uncorked.

What kind of wine T.V. would you like to see? Let us know below.

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