Texas Versus the World

Texas Versus the World

tx_wine_01Are you gearing up for the Final Four? In just a little over a week, the NCAA Basketball Tournament will wrap up its last three games in Arlington, Texas. What, not a hoops fan? Well take this opportunity to have a wine-themed Final Four and get to know the up-and-coming grapes of Texas.

Not familiar with Texas wine? It’s got a long history, going back to the 1600s when Spanish missionaries planted grapes near what today is the city of El Paso. Fast forward to this century and you’ll find (as of 2009) over 220 wineries producing well over one million cases total, and pumping close to two billion dollars into the Texas economy.

So what will your Texas wine Final Four look like? The white wine bracket is a viognier showdown of Texas versus California. Can the scrappy Lone Star State underdogs hang tough with the flash of Team Golden State for 750 milliliters? The tempranillo tussle is on display in the red wine bracket with the local Texas Hill Country facing an uphill battle versus the storied program of Rioja, Spain.

Have you had wines from Texas? How do they compare to those from other notable wine regions around the country and around the world? Let us know below.

Oh, and who wins this Wine Final Four? YOU, for expanding your palate and knowledge.

Photo Credit: Texas Wine Country Tours

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