Thank the Volcanoes for this Greek Summer White

Thank the Volcanoes for this Greek Summer White

In your search for the perfect summertime wine, please make sure you try a white wine made from the Assyrtiko (ahs-SEER-tee-koh) grape.

We’ve mentioned about this Greek grape before but its absolutely worth repeating.

Assyrtiko can be found in many parts of Greece but the island of Santorini is most associated it.

Santorini is in the Aegan Sea, southeast of mainland Greece. The island was devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC. And while that created its now rugged landscape, the volcanic-ash-rich soil also gives the Assyrtiko grape great minerality.

The vineyards in Santorini are very different from the ones we are used to seeing. The island’s high winds don’t allow for traditional rows of vines, so the grapes grow low to the ground, in circular baskets, where the vines protect the grapes from the elements.

In addition, the vines can be over 70 years old so that gives the grapes a powerful flavor. Much like the wines of Northern Europe, wines made from the Assyrtiko grapes have similar characteristics.

And the best part is that you are starting to see these crisp, white wines on restaurant lists everywhere. So the next time you are out and order seafood, be sure to try one of our favorite summer whites.

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