Thanksgiving Wines…While You Are Cooking

Thanksgiving Wines…While You Are Cooking

rob_marquardt_thanksgiving_spread_11_23_15_400W.C. Fields is credited with saying: “I cook with wine; sometimes I even add it to the food.” If you’re adopting a similar ethos to get you through all the potato-mashing, bird-stuffing and gravy-stirring that Thanksgiving dinner prep brings, then read on.

Since we’ve heard that alcohol can sometimes impair performance in the kitchen, we’ve put together a list of our favorite lower alcohol wines—all of which are steals to boot.. Many come from Europe, where the climate is often cooler, leading to less ripeness and, in turn, less alcohol. So cook—and sip—away!

DOMAINE PICHOT Vouvray 2014 (Loire Valley, France) $17 – Chenin blancs from the part of the Loire called Vouvray are magical in the way they deliver delightful peach and lime flavors plus minerality, along with bright acidity and usually just 12 percent alcohol.

BARONCINI Sangiovese (Tuscany, Italy) $14 – This bright ruby-colored wine with flavors of cherry and berries scores big on taste, even though it has just 12 percent alcohol.

GAZELA Vinho Verde 2011 (Minho, Portugal) $7 – Vinho verde is made from grapes that are slightly under-ripe and green, making these wines naturally light. With just 9 percent alcohol, this slightly spritzy number with grapefruit and apricot flavors may make vinho verde your new house wine.

DR. KONSTANTIN FRANK Dry Riesling 2011 (Finger Lakes, New York) $15 – Lively notes of apple and citrus mix with steely minerality dance in this German-inspired dry riesling with just 11.7 percent alcohol.

Photo Credit: Rob Marquardt

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