The Best Wine Bars in Your City: Boston

The Best Wine Bars in Your City: Boston

wines-by-the-glass_400_01Boston may not have as many wine bars as other cities of its size, but what it lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. Here are a few of our favorites.

Best Neighborhood Bar: The Butcher Shop: This cozy neighborhood wine bar is also a full-service butcher shop, a tribute to Old World European boucheries. Stop by on your way home for a glass of Italian, Spanish or French red paired with house-made charcuterie.

Best Bar for Novices: Piattini: The comprehensive list is complemented by the Piattini Wine Education Program, in which each wine is delivered with a card detailing the region, characteristics about the wine, and other interesting facts.

Best Romantic Bar: Troquet: If you’re looking to impress, look no further. Impeccable service, a menu so short and a wine list so long that you know it has to be French and delicious.

Best Bang for your Buck: Barcelona Wine Bar: Spanish-focused wine list with by-the-glass prices in the reasonable range of $7-11 per glass. If you’re up for pairing some tapas with your Rioja, their small plates are also reasonable, $5.50 to $10.50, and scrumptious.

Most Eclectic Wine List: Belly Wine Bar: With a wine list divided into sections by adjectives such as nervy, shapely and towering, you know you’re getting into something interesting. The vintage Cake lyrics don’t hurt either.

What are your favorite wine bars in Boston? Tell us below.

Photo Credit: Trouquet Boston


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