The Grape Doesn’t Fall Far from the Vine

The Grape Doesn’t Fall Far from the Vine

giaIt’s fair to say she comes by it naturally. With a pedigree like hers, it is no surprise Francis Ford Coppola’s granddaughter recently tried her hand at filmmaking with the newly released Palo Alto. But she’s following in her grandfather’s footsteps in another way too: winemaking.

Gia Coppola recently launched Gia, a label under which three wines have been produced. There is a chardonnay frizzante, a light pinot noir, and pinot grigio, all bottled in pretty-shaped bottles, with bright, eclectic labeling. They are low in alcohol and geared toward pleasing younger wine drinkers. All are priced at $17 per bottle.

Winemaker Francois Cordesse helped Gia create a wine that matched her personality. The Daily Sip interviewed him recently.

TDS: How did you go about matching the wines with Gia's style?

FC: First of all, I feel very fortunate and privileged to work for such a talented family that takes great pride in everything that happens, and a family that is so involved in everything that happens. We were presented with Gia’s specific vision before we started the project and we worked hard to craft the wines respectively to that. She is very involved—from selecting the grapes to the packaging design.

TDS: What about the chardonnay frizzante. It seems like a unique idea. What makes it special?

FC: Frizzante was made in an Italian style. They enjoy this kind of wine in Italy. It's light, friendly and refreshing. Frizzante can also be enjoyed with food. We paid particular attention to the bubble production in the glass: small and consistent. These wines are crafted for anyone looking for a fun and engaging approach to wine. They are light in alcohol. They celebrate life, friendship and conviviality.

TDS: How involved was Gia in the winemaking process and did Francis help guide her?

FC: Francis and Gia were both very involved in the process. Francis, being the owner of the winery, presented Gia with an opportunity to help create her own line of wines. He's created wines for several members of his family, and Gia was excited when Francis presented her with the opportunity. Gia developed the vision for the wine based on her personal tastes and style. She wanted something lower in alcohol and she wanted the wines to be light and fun. She worked with us in the winemaking department, weighing in on tastings, varietal selection, blending and more. As for the package, she worked with Francis's artists to create a package that reflects her personality, hand selecting the bottle and designing the wine labels.

TDS: Did her wine pedigree intimidate you? You had big shoes to fill.

FC: It's always a pleasure working with Francis and any of his family members, and it was no different with Gia. It wasn't intimidating; we had a wonderful time working with her on this project.

Have you tried one of the new wines by Gia yet? Let us know below.

Photo Credit: Francis Ford Coppola Winery

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