The New Bible is Here!

The New Bible is Here!

france_wine_bible_main_image_400THE WINE BIBLE is a 1,000-page, country-by-country, variety-by-variety guide to understanding the world’s greatest wines. Think of it as a lively course taught by America’s most renowned wine teacher and authority – Karen MacNeil. Karen MacNeil is the only U.S. winner of every major wine award in the English language, including the James Beard Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional of the Year Award.

The new book includes:

- In-depth information on every major wine region around the globe, now including China, Japan, Mexico, and Slovenia
- Up-to-date profiles on the top 200 grape varieties worldwide
- How to taste professionally, and how to build a wine-tasting memory
- All new maps, charts, photos, and wine labels on every page
- Plus informative sidebars, tips, anecdotes, definitions, and glossaries—all written in Karen’s lively, unique, and entertaining voice

The only thing missing is the wine itself.

"MacNeil's style is unfussy, accessible, but unfailingly intelligent. The tone—inclusive but never condescending—is likely to earn her grateful readers, novice and enthusiast alike."
—The World of Fine Wine

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