The Standup Sommelier

The Standup Sommelier

photo-laurie-sniffs-wine-199x300_01If you’ve ever taken a wine class of any sort, you might have felt intimidated, not to mention, ashamed by your burning desire to drink the entire contents of the glasses in front of you and not spit a single drop. Well, there’s a sommelier traveling the country performing and teaching just for you.

Her opening line: “This is gonna be a great tasting. Or one helluva bender.”

Meet Laurie Forster, Wine Coach and Standup Sommelier. She combined her knowledge of wine with her skill as a stand up comic to ease wine drinkers into the often-confusing world of wine education.

Her messaging is clear: Boozers who want to learn a few things in a relaxed environment are welcome. She tells tasters to:

- Feel free to drink the entire glass. “Not spitting” is encouraged.
- Trust your own taste. If you like it, it’s good.
- If ever you have a head cold, buy the cheapest wine possible.
- Stick your nose deep into the glass. “We’ve never lost anyone.”

At the same time, she teaches some valuable and serious lessons about the importance of smell with tasting, having the crowd, for example, eat a jellybean while plugging their noses, noting the lack of flavor that comes through doing so.

Her pairings vary from show to show. On the night The Daily Sip® went to hear her at New York’s City Winery she gave the crowd a variety of choices, including some “breakfast wine” choices. She customizes the wines for the organizers of each show she gives. Check Forster’s website for upcoming shows near you. You’ll enjoy her style—that is, if you can actually remember it by the end of the night.

What has your experience been with wine classes? Let us know below.

Photo Credit: The Wine Coach

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