The Summer of South African Wine

The Summer of South African Wine

wosa_main_image_400There’s no better way to celebrate the end of the season than with a barbecue and an exceptional wine to match. Whether you’re looking for white or red, South African wine offers the perfect pairing for classic grilled summer fare. South African wines offer great value, plus the country is leading the way in sustainable viticulture. As an introduction to the country’s diverse offerings, explore these two food-friendly styles:

Chenin Blanc

History: South Africa is home to the most Chenin Blanc plantings in the world with old and new vines throughout the country’s winemaking region
Tasting notes: Chenin Blanc has enough body to attract Chardonnay followers, tropical aromatics to entice Sauvignon Blanc fans and the ample freshness that Pinot Grigio drinkers appreciate.
Food Pairings: These full bodied whites can take on the traditional rich dishes of barbecues, but are also a great match for lighter dishes like fish, seafood and chicken- an all-around great party wine!

Red Blends

History: In post-apartheid South Africa, international red varietals like Cabernet Sauvginon, Merlot and Syrah made a major comeback. Winemakers have combined varietals to make a range of red blends from Bordeaux and Rhone styles, to Cape Red Blends, which feature South Africa’s native Pinotage.
Tasting notes: Winemakers in the region have taken “a New World meets Old World” approach, producing wines that combine the fresh, ripe fruit of modern wines with the structure of the classics.
Food Pairings: Ample tannins and structure make these wines a great match for grilled red meats and burgers.

Beyond Chenin Blanc and Red Blends, South Africa offers great values in Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah and more. Pick up a bottle of South African wine before summer ends to explore the most exciting up-and-coming wine region! For more information, check out the Wines of South Africa website.

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