Try a Red Wine Made from the Agiorgitiko Grape

Try a Red Wine Made from the Agiorgitiko Grape

In our constant quest for food-friendly wines, we are heading over to Greece.

Consider Greek red wines made from the Agiorgitiko (ah-yohr-YEE-tee-koh) grape with your next summertime meal.

As if the pronunciation isn’t confusing enough, the grape goes by a few names. It is often called Nemea, the region where it originated (and where Hercules killed the lion.) In addition, Agiorgitiko translates to St. George’s, so you may see it as St. George’s grape.

The Agiorgitiko grape is one of the country’s most widely planted grapes and produces wines that are deep red in color (so they also have been dubbed Hercules’ blood.) They are super fragrant and have very soft tannins, so the younger wines will work well with your light summer dishes.

The older wines are often compared to a Cabernet Sauvignon with a similar flavor of prunes and plums and tannins that will work great with heavy meals like stews and grilled meats.

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Good, because we are hungry already.

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