Try a Greek Moschofilero Wine

Try a Greek Moschofilero Wine

Anaximander, a Greek born around 610 BC, was one of the first map makers to create the map of the world.

It’s a good thing, because you may need a map to find the vineyards in Greece.

As the third most mountainous country in Europe, Greece’s distinct topography enables the cultivation of cool weather grapes in a warm weather climate, an unexpected attribute of Greek wines and their diverse terrior. But it can also make the vineyards hard to find. So thank you, Anaximander.

One of Greece’s greatest white wines comes from the Moschofilero (MOHS-koh-FEE-leh-roh) grape. The wine is super dry but has an aromatic, floral bouquet. It’s great wine for summer entertaining.

But Moschofilero is most found in the region of Mantinia, which is in the middle of Peloponnese, a peninsula at the southern part of the country. Again, you’ll need the map.

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And then raise your glass to Anaximander!

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