Turkey Wines for Thanksgiving

Turkey Wines for Thanksgiving

thanksgiving_image_1_resizeWhen the turkey emerges golden-hued from the oven, there are two wine regions that complement the meal: Bordeaux and Rhône.

Situated in the south east of France, the Rhône region is best known for red wines made predominately from the Syrah grape in the north, joined by Grenache, Carignan, Cinsault and Mourvèdre in the south. The majority of southern Rhône wines are categorized by the value-driven Côtes du Rhône and Côtes du Rhône-Villages appellations; while the northern Rhône is home to a number of renowned wines including the age-worthy appellations of Hermitage, Cornas and Côte Rotie.

Bordeaux rarely needs introduction. It is the royalty of wine regions, known for Cabernet Sauvignon based wines on the Right Bank and Merlot based wines on the Left Bank of the River Gironde. Bordeaux fetches high prices in the First and Second Growth category but there is a range of affordable wine to be had if you look out for Bordeaux, Bordeaux Superieur and Côtes de Bordeaux wines.

Once the turkey is gone, go for one of Bordeaux’s sweet wines for dessert. You can reach for the world-famous Sauternes or the equally unctuous Barsac, Sainte Croix du Mont or Cadillac. It will end the feast on a sweet note.

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