Üllo Can Get the Sulfites Out of Your Wine Glass

Üllo Can Get the Sulfites Out of Your Wine Glass

There is a so much misinformation surrounding sulfites out there so we decided it was high-time we tackle it all.

To start, sulfites are preservatives that are added to your wine so it doesn’t spoil during production. Sulfites also help the wine survive the long trip from the vineyard to your glass.

They are used to kill microorganisms, and therefore, designed to toxic.

But will they kill you if you continue to drink them? No.

Do they cause your headaches the next day? There is no scientific proof of that either. That more likely has to do with the sugar, histamines and alcohol in the wine and how your body processes it all.

But as we attempt to remove toxins from other areas of our lives, many have decided to do that with their wine as well.

Including James Kornacki, CEO and founder of Üllo

“Once you open a bottle of wine, you no longer need to preserve it, so the sulfites have done their job,” he says.

So he created a product to remove them. The Üllo is a basically a
strainer. Pour your wine through it and 85% of the sulfites are removed. Many even will argue that sulfites leave a bitter taste and the wine tastes better without them.

Kornacki studied chemistry in grad school, and specialized in areas of genetics and how toxins can change your personal chemistry.

And so while there is a ton of super geeky stuff behind all this, he is still a “sulfite supporter. They are tremendously good at what they do. They’re job is just done when the bottle is open,” says Kornacki.

A few more sulfite factoids:

  • There often are less sulfites in higher-end wines because the winemaker pays much more attention to the chemistry process during production. On the flipside, lower-end, mass-produced wines tend to have higher levels of sulfites.
  • Anything that has at least 18% alcohol doesn’t need sulfites for preservation, says Kornacki. So most liquors are sulfite-free.
  • Beer uses hops as it’s preservative, not sulfites.

There are other products available that remove sulfites, like Just the Wine and StiQit, but they simply add hydrogen peroxide to remove them and adding more chemicals may not be what you want.

Üllo, which is a take on the alchemy symbol that means pure wine, retails for about $80, and has been funded through Kickstarter and has actually been the most successful wine-related project to date, notes Kornacki.

So try removing the sulfites from your favorite wine. And please let us know what you think!

Tracy Byrnes, former FOX Business Network anchor and host of “Wine with Me” for Foxnews.com, is editor-in-chief and chief contributor of The Sip.

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