Waxing on Wine

Waxing on Wine

382x400_400Ever enjoyed the aroma of a wine so much you longed to have it fill your home? Now, you can.

The good people of Rewined Candles in Charleston, South Carolina, have created a luxurious product that indulges your olfactory senses while lowering your carbon footprint.

The recipe is simple. They blend premium soy wax with essential oils to mimic the yummy aromas and flavors of eight popular varietals.

The merlot candle has unmistakable notes of plum, violet, and pomegranate. The chardonnay is reminiscent of the wine’s signature butter and vanilla characters. And the pear, citrus, and tropical notes of the riesling candle will remind you why this varietal is a favorite among sommeliers.

Each 11-ounce candle is hand-poured, made from recycled wine glass bottles, and retails for $27.

All this wax talk has made us thirsty.

What varietal would you like to smell in a candle? Share it below.

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