When the Cold Sets In, There’s Winter White to be Had

When the Cold Sets In, There’s Winter White to be Had

winterwhitesJust because the swim trunks and bikinis have been packed away, and a chill has crept in, doesn’t mean the chilled white wine has to hibernate. Pull it out and enjoy. We’ve created a list of winter whites for you to consider; they’re definitely worth looking into even after the temperature plunges. Snuggle up to the fire, and pop a bottle to stay warm.

DALILA STEMMARI 2012 (Sicily, Italy) $14
If you’re craving a big plate of pasta, consider pairing it with this grillo and viognier blend with complex character and enough body to hold up of the heartiness on the plate.

DOMAINE ROUX PÉRE & FILS Pouilly-Fuissé 2012 (Burgundy, France) $29
Roast a chicken or whip up some creamy sauce for your pasta and enjoy it with this elegant, buttery 100% chardonnay. It’s the right winter white for the job.

MONTEVERRO Chardonnay 2011 (Tuscany, Italy) $115
Big budget, big white. If winter is getting you down and your cash flow is up, this is a big, creamy and complex winter white certain to wash away the snowy blues.

OCCHIPINTI SP68 Bianco 2013 (Sicily, Italy) $24
If you’re cooking beef or pork, or pasta, pour a glass of this white Italian wine made mostly from the grape albanello, and enjoy the wine’s structure and complex aroma. Hints of citrus and floral make it the perfect wine for a cheese platter as well.

And the extra bonus of winter whites: few splash stains. Do you have a favorite winter white? Let us know below.

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