Win or Lose, There’s Always the Wine

Win or Lose, There’s Always the Wine

superbowl_logo_01The Super Bowl is most renowned for gladiator-like competition on the field. When not watching the game (or more realistically the ads and half-time show), we all know that the close runner-up in terms of anticipation and satisfaction are those Super Bowl food items.

This year, pair some of your football favorites flawlessly with wine:

chipsNo Super Bowl party is complete without some form of potato chips. The vibrant acidity and effervescence of sparkling wine or Champagne will cut through the salt and fat of classic potato chips. A rich and buttery chardonnay will complement the rich, creamy, salty, cheesy nature of nachos.

pizzaIf your party has pizza, you better have some big and powerful red wine to go with it. All-American zinfandel (bold, powerful and spicy) is often a great complementary pairing for pizza, and of course is thematically appropriate for the all-American event that is Super Bowl Sunday.

chiliMerlot, particularly from North America, is often smooth and velvety, a welcome pairing to chili, whether vegetarian or meat-based. Its lushness often plays nicely with the cheese, beans, meat and tomatoes in chili.

Buffalo Wings
buffalowingsWhile it’s a bold recommendation, when pairing wine and spicy food in general, you often can’t go wrong with an aromatic wine to contrast the spice of the dish. In this case, if you’re feeling adventuresome, pick a wine that will help cool off your palate from the spice and heat of the wings: try Oregon, Alsace, or German rieslings for seriously contrasting flavor to the wings. (Note: not all are rieslings are sweet!)

Burgers and Hot Dogs
burgershotdogsYou want to pick a fruit-driven, bold and powerful red to stand up to the richness of either of these Super Bowl staples. All-American zinfandel would work again here, as would a Napa Valley cabernet.

Veggies & Dip
veggiesdipIt’s hard to go wrong with a tangy and zesty sauvignon blanc (from Napa or New Zealand) to pair with your crudités on Super Bowl Sunday.

Did we skip one of your favorite wine pairings for Super Bowl Sunday? Share it below!

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