WINE BARBIE on Women, Wine and Bikinis

WINE BARBIE on Women, Wine and Bikinis

winebarbie_01A self-described “wine passionista, hopeless fashionista, entrepreneur by day and novelist by night,” WINE BARBIE weighs in on what her fellow Barbies are up to and the future for women in wine.

March is Women’s History Month—who are your wine heroines?
My ultimate hero is Veuve Clicquot…who was quite the fashionista herself and had the good sense to drink Champagne daily. More recently, Zelma Long, the second woman to ever get an enology degree from the University of California at Davis, is an amazing winemaker. Jean Arnold Sessions, now the president at Hanzell Winery, was one of the first brilliant women in wine marketing. Eileen Crane, President of Domaine Carneros, made some of the first spectacular sparkling wines in the Napa Valley. And Margrit Mondavi also reminds me that wine, grace and femininity can all be blended together in an exquisite way.

What do you see women’s role being in the future of the wine industry?
You mean, other than taking over completely? (Just kidding, guys)

Barbie has had over 150 careers since 1959—is there anything she can’t do?
Her curling skills aren’t the best (unless we are talking hair).

Mattel recently released Entrepreneur Barbie, complete with laptop case, tablet and cell phone. What other tools does Barbie need to succeed in the world of business?
The courage to say “my consulting fee is $400 an hour.”

You’re an entrepreneur yourself—what are you working on right now?
American wine culture is getting better and better all the time. Sharing wine is the ultimate form of community. I hope to be a part of that new spirit in everything I do.

Your friend Swimsuit Barbie posed on the cover of Sports Illustrated last month under the hashtag Unapologetic. What are your thoughts?
You go girl! Confidentially, I don’t look as good in a swimsuit as Swimsuit Barbie. On the other hand, I’m really good at swirling a wine glass.

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