Wine Drinkers—Who We Are

Wine Drinkers—Who We Are

winedrinkerstatsAs the saying goes: It’s nice to know you’re not alone. And if you’re a wine drinker, you’re not!

Here, from the top wine industry sources (listed at the end), are the just-released statistics on who we are, how much wine we drink, and other fascinating facts. Cheers!

• Wine consumption has increased for the 13th straight year
• Of the 230 million adults in the U.S., 44% drink wine
• 15% of wine drinkers (approximately 34 million of us) are considered “High Frequency”—those people who drink wine more than once a week
• 29% percent of us (approximately 67 million people) are “Occasional Drinkers”—those who drink wine once a week or less
• 35% of High Frequency wine drinkers drink sparkling wine at least monthly
• 24% of High Frequency wine drinkers drink dessert wine at least monthly
• 63% of High Frequency wine drinkers were likely to be married
• The average annual income of High Frequency wine drinkers was $82,900
• 81% of High Frequency wine drinkers were home owners
• Consistent with recent years, wine continues to be the top alcohol beverage choice for women • The U.S. now has 7,762 wineries, led by California with 3,674.
• California makes just over 90% of all U.S. wine and is the world’s 4th Leading wine producer after France, Italy and Spain
• The estimated retail value of all wine shipped to or within the U.S. is $36.3 billion
• 30-40% of all wine sold in the U.S. is sold now, between September and end of December

What do you think about these new stats on wine drinkers? Let us know below.

Sources: Wine Market Council, the Wine Institute, Wines & Vines, and the Gomberg-Fredrikson & Associates Report

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