Wine Etiquette Tips for the New Year

Wine Etiquette Tips for the New Year

wine_tasting_03Peter Post is the great-grandson of etiquette guru Emily Post, and one of the directors of the Emily Post Institute. We reached out to him for some advice on wine etiquette to help us sail smoothly into the new year. Check out his helpful insights below.

Daily Sip: At a table full of mixed company, what is the serving order?
Peter Post: Ladies first, start with the honored female guest and then move around the table.

DS: If a guest brings a bottle of wine to your party, should you open it for all to enjoy or save it for a later occasion?
PP: Your choice. If it fits the plan for the evening, go ahead and open it. If not, put it aside. Either way, be sure to thank the giver.

DS: If someone is toasting you with a glass of wine, what should you do?
PP: Tradition has it that the toastee does not drink to him/herself. A return toast is always a nice gesture.

DS: Should you tip a sommelier in a restaurant on top of your tip for the waiter?
PP: Yes, but then remember to deduct the cost of the wine from the bill before figuring the wait staff tip. If you don’t tip the sommelier separately, tip on the whole bill and the staff will split it accordingly.

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