Wine-Loving Moms By Personality Type

Wine-Loving Moms By Personality Type

womansippingwine_400x287_400So you're either are a mom, have a mom, or know a lot of moms who love wine. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of moms by personality type--and wine-related gifts for each.

Crafty Momtray
If she can’t get enough wine or arts and crafts, then a perfect gift this Mother’s Day is a do-it-yourself party tray or corkboard made of wine corks. Make one for mom (which a crafty mom will surely appreciate) by following these steps-- or buy her a kit to make her own. Wine cork trivets start at $19.95 with large wine cork platters for over $100. Find them here.

(Too) Real Housewife Mom
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, has written a cookbook called Fabulicious and created a new peach-flavored sparkling wine called the Fabellini ($18). If the mom in your life secretly loves the Real Housewives, she should surely get a kick out of both gifts this Mother’s Day. Find them here.

Rock Star (Wannabe) Momsaltglasses
She wishes she were one and still parties like one. Skip the wine and instead, go for this extremely beautiful set of Himalayan salt Tequila glasses (set of 4 for $30). Find them here.

World Traveling Mom
This is one type of diaper she’ll happily take on the road! The wine diaper, as it’s known, will protect her favorite bottles from breakage while she’s traveling. $5 each or $10 for a set of three. Find them here.

Athletic Mom
Get her a t-shirt or two to wear while working out—namely a shirt that sports a witty-one liner about wine such as, “Forgive me for I have zinned,” or “You had me at merlot.” (Starting at $25) Find them here.

Chocoholic Mom
In her cellar, she’s got the perfect red wines and Ports to pair with chocolate, but of course she can never have enough chocolate. Try Brix Chocolate for wine lovers. A variety pack of four types (milk, smooth dark, medium dark, and extra dark), along with wine pairing recommendations is a lavish gift at $49.95. Find it here.

Readaholic Mom
If she reads one and only one book on wine, make it the most published wine book of all time, The Wine Bible ($19.95), by Karen MacNeil, The Daily Sip’s acting editor-in-chief/mom/acclaimed author. Find it here.

Pregnant Moms
Why should wine-loving pregnant moms-in-the-making have to give up a lifestyle of sipping? Now they don’t! Pregnant moms can enjoy a wide range of non-alcoholic wines-- see for an array of recommendations. Daily Sip pick: Navarro Vineyards Non-Alcoholic Gewurztraminer or Pinot Noir ($11/bottle). Find them here.

Have you found a special wine-related gift for Mother's Day? Share with us below!

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