Wine Tasting Event Tips

Wine Tasting Event Tips

Wine tasting events are so fun! And there tons of them going on right now!

Most importantly, our event, Around the World in 80 Sips, is this Friday, June 17! So if you happen to be in Chicago, please come join us!

But whether you’re attending your first event or your 50th, we thought it was the perfect time to review a few tips that will ensure your night is super-successful and super-fun!

Here are five things to remember before you go.

1. Leave the Drakkar Noir at Home.

Or any other cologne, after shave, perfume or scented body lotion. Save if for a different night out.

Smell is a really important part of of wine tasting. It’s downright awful when you stick your nose in a glass and, instead of inhaling the wine’s beautiful fruits, you get this awful whiff of Giorgio Beverley Hills Perfume. Ick.

Same goes for smoking – anything. Don’t do it before or during a wine tasting.

2. It’s Perfectly Acceptable to Spit.

And if you want to last all night, you probably should.

Many people think its rude, but its common practice at these events, so do it.

The truth is you don’t actually need to swallow the wine to taste it. You really can experience the essence of it if you just leave the wine in your mouth for eight to ten seconds.

And when you spit, you won’t have to worry about the affects of the alcohol.

All events will have spit buckets located around the room that everyone can spit into (we know it sounds weird but we’re a very communal group). Otherwise use a plastic cup. Either way, don’t be afraid.

And remember, it’s a marathon, not a race. You want to cross the finish line.

3. You Don’t Have to Finish Every Pour.

For the same reasons as above, you can and should dump your glass into those spit buckets.

Now we get it, you paid good money to taste some great wines, and the last thing you want to do is pour it out.

But again, you don’t want to be passed out in the corner before the event is over.

4. Ask Questions.

You’ve come to learn so ask questions. The folks pouring are generally from the actual vineyards or professional sommeliers and they love talking about their wines. So take advantage of all that. Try to learn one fact about each wine you taste.

5. Call Uber.

Or get a ride. There’s a lot of wine at these events. And while you should spit and pour out the leftovers, we get you want to have fun too.

And you should. That’s the beauty of these events. You get to meet great people and talk about great wines.

But why risk it? Be safe.

Because there are many more wine events you need to attend.

Tracy Byrnes, former FOX Business Network anchor and host of “Wine with Me” for, is editor-in-chief and chief contributor of The Sip. 

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