Winning Combinations for the Olympics

Winning Combinations for the Olympics

olympics_wine_01Whether you’ve been glued to the TV throughout the games or just dipping into an event here and there, how about some ideas for wine and food that’ll make the rest of the 2014 Olympics even more delicious?

Nothing says Mother Russia like caviar, and if you buy domestic, it doesn’t have to be a huge indulgence. Serve the caviar on buckwheat blini with crème fraîche. To wash it down, of course, you could go with ice-cold vodka. But there are a lot of games to get through—sip a dry sparkler:

SIGNAL RIDGE Brut non-vintage (CA) $25
DOMAINE CARNEROS Brut 2009 (Carneros, Napa Valley, CA) $28
NICOLAS FEUILLATTE Brut Champagne “Réserve” non-vintage (Champagne, France) $36

Another Russian classic, beef stroganoff is a natural for an Olympics TV dinner. Rich, creamy, and earthy from both mushrooms and tender strips of beef, it would be good with almost any pinot noir. But it’s especially perfect with one that’s similarly mushroomy:

J VINEYARDS Pinot Noir “Misterra” 2012 (Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, CA) $50
CHAMISAL Pinot Noir “Stainless” 2012 (Central Coast, CA) $24
HANDCRAFT Pinot Noir 2012 (CA) $13

You may be sitting in a toasty living room, but you can’t escape all that snow on the screen. Pretend you’re at the chalet and gather around a pot of fondue. Serve it with an unusually winning combination of cubed hearty walnut bread and an aromatic viognier or viognier blend:

ARROWOOD Viognier “Saralee’s Vineyard” 2010 (Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, CA) $30
PINE RIDGE Chenin Blanc + Viognier 2013 (CA) $15

How about some all-American chili to weather the winter games? Pair it with a wine found mainly in America-- zinfandel. It will have a similar earthy spiciness and enough complexity to stand up to the big flavors of chili. Try:

BRAZIN Zinfandel “Old Vine” 2011 (Lodi, CA) $17
TERRA D’ORO Zinfandel 2011 (Amador County, CA) $18
GNARLY HEAD Zinfandel “Old Vine” 2012 (Lodi, CA) $12

Which wines and foods have you been pairing with the Olympics? Let us know below.

Photo Credit: Italy in 30 Seconds

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