Yes you can! Enjoy wine without a corkscrew or a glass

Yes you can! Enjoy wine without a corkscrew or a glass

bThere’s still nothing more romantic to a wine drinker than the sound of a cork being pulled from a bottle. But if you’re looking to take some of the stuffiness out of wine, reduce the risk of broken glass at a picnic, on a boat, or (say) in the hot tub, consider wine in a can. Companies are now offering canned wine as a way to promote portability and lower the carbon footprint involved with shipping wine.

An Australian company, Barokes Wines, has a lineup of five wines in 250ml size cans. (Think the size of a Red Bull can, but without the added caffeine and sugar.) Fans of bubbly can enjoy a sparkling cabernet sauvignon/shiraz blend, chardonnay, or rosé, and there are two still wines as well.

More of a Francophile? WineStar is the first company to offer wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon region. The cans are a bit smaller, 187ml, just about one-fourth of a regular glass bottle.

And if you are an Oregon aficionado, Union Wine Company will be releasing Underwood pinot noir and pinot gris in a can. Hoping to “beerify” wine enjoyment by putting it in a 375ml can, outdoors-y types can take it “...where other wines dare not travel.”

Would you be interested in taking wine in a can for a spin? Or do prefer the bottle? Let us know below.

Photo Credit: Baroke Wines.

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