Argentina: Sing the Song. Drink the Wines.

Argentina: Sing the Song. Drink the Wines.

Happy Labor Day!

And in our quest for fabulous, value-driven wines to celebrate your day off, we came upon a country.


You may know the country because of the song (which incidentally “is the only song ever written by a knight [Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice] that was recorded by both Tom Jones and Sinead O'Connor and banned from British airwaves during a war [WW11],” according to the Guardian).

But you should know it for the wines.

Especially because when asked which country he’s watching the most, Rob Mondavi Jr., 4th generation Napa Valley winemaker, said Argentina.

Argentina is located in the southern part of South America. It is the 8th largest nation in the world and the largest wine producer in South America.

The wines are considered New World but actually have a history that dates back 400 years.

Malbec, a grape native to southwest France, flourishes in Argentina and has become it’s signature red grape. “But we are so proud of our Cabernet Sauvignons, Cabernet Francs and Chardonnays too,” says Daniel Pi, chief winemaker of Trapiche, one of Argentina’s oldest wineries.

So “travel” to Argentina.

Total Turnaround
The region has been stereotyped for producing dense, high-octane reds, but they have been moving away from that. “We are becoming more and more impressed with the reds and whites being produced here.  They are becoming increasingly more refined and stylish,” notes Andrew McMurray, VP at Zachys Wine & Liquor in Scarsdale, NY.

Total Value
And with that, the price-to-quality ratio is a homerun because most of the wines sell $15-$35 a bottle.  “The quality of these wines can easily stack up to comparable wines of France and California, which often times are double or three times the price,” says McMurray, who is hosting “The Great Wines of the Andes" with James Suckling, an event with over 100 Argentinian and Chilean wines if you happen to be in NYC Wednesday, September 28.

(And since we’re talking about September, here are four great beers for the fall from The Pint!)

Try A Malbec
Single-vineyard Malbecs are on the forefront of the country’s quality revolution. They have intense color, aromas of berry fruits and plums, and a velvety texture. So pour one with your burger this weekend. Or that big fat piece of chocolate cake.

Try A Torrontés
Argentina’s signature white grape is Torrontés. It is light yellow wine that tastes like a bowl of tropical fruit. It’s is perfect as a meal starter or with seafood. It’s even better with your spicy stuff like Indian, Chinese and Thai.

“But we need more people to know about our wines,” says Pi.

So don’t keep your distance from Argentinian wines. Just drink them.

Tracy Byrnes, former FOX Business Network anchor and host of “Wine with Me” for, is editor-in-chief and chief contributor of The Sip.

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